14 Mar 2017

The Dalai Lama's Cat ~ Book Review

The Dalai Lama’s Cat by David Michie is one of the most adorable books I have ever read in recent times.

This book came to me as a gift to my Amazon Kindle Paper White. If not, I would not even thought of buying it. Like few other books in my shelf, I was not intended to read this immediately. At first I was hesitant to pick this but when I did, the book turned out to be a surprise from the Page 1.

About the author - David Michie is the author of Buddhism for Busy People, Hurry Up and Meditate and Enlightenment to Go and The Dalai Lama’s Cat - Art of Purring.

As the title implies, this is the story of The Dalai Lama’s Cat. and the cover page, cuteness overloaded. The author effortlessly transports us to the world of the narrator. I fell in love with the narrator from the first page and I was smiling all along.

The cat is referred as His Holiness’s Cat (HHC) by the monks in the monastery but the Dalai Lama addresses her as a Little Snow Lion. And, she is the protagonist. The entire story is the perspective of this Himalayan Cat. She begins the story from her birth on a roadside and how she became the Dalai Lama’s pet. And the story revolves around her and the people and the day to day events she encounters.

Having a cat as the storyteller, the book is very refreshing. The story is warm with simple narration and the writing is witty as well as profound. This cat even made me wonder what my pet birds think of me and my way of life. Well, that’s tough to say but then they are adored and spoiled, and sure enjoying their luxuries at home.

The HHC, much loved by the Dalai Lama and his staff, is free to wander everywhere in and out of the monastery. She enjoys the luxury as well as the closeness to Dalai Lama and his monks that others could even think of. It was very exciting to read her antics. Every detail of this cat is cute and funny. Especially her first fur ball experience, her tinge of jealousy over a dog that was brought in to the monastery, her love interest with a downtown cat and there are lots more.

Meantime, she also encounters people from different walks of life - Hollywood actress, monks, a self improvement author, a chef and many others who visits Dalai Lama. Where, she gets enlightened just by being closer to him.

This book is all about the events in the cat’s life laced with Buddhist philosophy. Some of the incidents are interesting and thought provoking. Most of the Dalai Lama’s private interactions with the cat are quite endearing. But I will not say this book is unputdownable as I took break quite a few times. And whenever I resumed, it still gave me the same feel, and no less.

Some passages instantly lit up my mood. Some stirred my thoughts with its deep topics. While, some helped me understand the complexities of life in simpler way. I have many favorite quotes from the book. I would like to highlight one here.

'You know, Professor, this stray kitten and you have one very important thing in common.' 'I can't imagine,' responded the professor coolly. 'Your life is the most important thing in the world to you,' said His Holiness. 'Same for this kitten.'

'For all of us with consciousness, our life is very precious. Therefore, we need to protect all sentient beings very much. Also, we must recognize that we share the same two basic wishes : the wish to enjoy happiness and the wish to avoid suffering.' These are themes the Dalai Lama repeat often and in limitless ways. 'We all share these wishes. But also the way we look for happiness and try to avoid discomfort is the same. Who among us does not enjoy a delicious meal? Who does not wish to sleep in a safe, comfortable bed? Author, monk – or stray kitten – we are all equal in that.' 'Most of all,' the Dalai Lama said, leaning over and stroking me with his index finger, 'all of us just want to be loved.'

But hey, this is not religious or self improvement book but it works that way as well. Other than spirituality and philosophy, this book brings lots of cheer through the Cat. If you are cat person, you will love it to the core.

The Dalai Lama’s Cat is an easy, relaxing and an enjoyable read.

8 Mar 2017

Postcard From Seattle - Day 1

This is a guest post by Abdul, a business analyst who happens to travel often. Well, he has written few posts earlier under the pseudonym, Mr. Crumbles. Now let's continue to the post.

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What comes to your minds when you hear a city named Seattle? Headquarters of Tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon or the famous American Football team Seahawks or the world-famous rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix. Well, if none of these strike a chord in your head, let me introduce you to Seattle.

Having thousands of acres of parkland and surrounded by natural wealth, Seattle is the largest city of the State of Washington, USA. I had a privilege of visiting this wonderful city during the winter of 2016.

Welcome To Seattle

It was an 18 hour flight journey from India to Seattle via Dubai. My Emirates experience was awesome. Even though it was a long journey, I did not let my tiredness rule my beautiful first day at Seattle.

The city and its downtown gives a feel of New York by its look and architecture. One can walk around the city aided by Google Maps and might not need a vehicle to visit the top attractions. The other way of being economical is to buy the Seattle City Pass which is a $75 ticket to see 5 out of 7 Seattle attractions. I would say the CityPass is one of the best ways to explore Seattle.

On my Day 1, I purchased the Seattle City Pass and began my city tour. A picture postcard speaks a lot more than a long letter or a bulky album. So, let me keep it that way.



Nobody can miss visiting the Space Needle which is a 605-ft tall observation tower. For someone in India who has to wait 10 mins to board a lift and stop at each floor and finally reach the 19th floor in another 5 mins, the Space Needle’s lift feels like a rocket. It reaches from ground level to the top floor in 43 seconds. Don’t forget to visit the Space Needle twice, once in the daylight and once to see the nightlife of Seattle.


I was really excited to see the Sea wonders. If you have kids accompanying you, the Seattle Aquarium is a must visit place. The children will enjoy the experience of touching the sea life, watching the jellyfish glow and of course, meet their friend Nemo. And the Otters are really cute. They can spend hours watching the delightful antics of these creatures.

Seattle Aquarium


For Pop lovers, the Museum of Pop Culture is an interesting place to hangout. But I am not very keen on Pop music. So for someone like me, the Sound Lab in the museum was a boon. It allowed me to feel the real sound recording studio ambiance and also sung my favorite song. I had a great new experience there.

Museum of Pop Culture


Chihuly Garden and Glass

The Chihuly Garden and Glass is a garden created entirely out of blown glass sculptures. This is one of a kind garden you would ever visit in your lifetime. I was astounded by their creativity and colors where it came to life. Have you watched Director Shankar's Shivaji movie? Well,if yes, then you would certainly feel like being in one of their artistic movie sets.


Argosy Cruises

Skyline From The Cruise
A cruise in the evening breeze watching the sun go down on one side and the elegant city lighting up on the other is the best way to end the day. Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour was the closing scene of the first day outing in Seattle.

Readers, there are lots to know about the city. Stay tuned for the Day 2.

6 Mar 2017

Paper Boat ~ Drinks And Memories

Summer is here already. Our sun-baked and parched days have just begun. Sinking in thirst and bathing in sweat, it is no more fun like we once had. Remember those days, how much we loved to go out and played under the sun. Only to come back home to gulp down the drinks and munch the snacks our Mom serves. Those were our carefree days. Back then our lifestyle was a lot healthier.

Hector Beverages’ Paper Boat drinks are already becoming a household name, for they promise Drinks and Memories. Paper Boat has some tasty set of flavorful drinks that sure will stir your old memories.

Every season, they introduce new flavor and the recent additions are Panakam and Chilli Guava. I received the package from the company itself. It was neatly packed in a jute bag and the moment I eyed on it, I thought, it is one perfect gift I received this season. Panakam is a combination of Jaggery, Ginger and Lemon. And Chilli Guava, should I say about it? I bet most of us drool over the name itself.

Fruit Juices, Nannari Sarbath, Buttermilk and Panakaram are the regular treat to us at home, during summer. We prepare Panakaram/Panakam at home and serve at family functions, especially on hot days. Paper Boat's Panakam was sweet and more like home made, while Chilli Guava was bit tangy. Imagine, the days when you wait for your school bell to ring and then you rush out to that old lady who sells chilli guava in her basket. This drink tasted exactly like the fresh guava slice sprinkled with chilli powder and salt. Already salivating, isn't it?

Compared to the regular sugar heavy beverages available in the market, Paper Boat drinks are sure a change. Even though the products claim to have no colors, no preservatives, no artificial flavors, there is the addition of natural and natural identical flavors. Apparently, its not 100% natural, but it gets close to the authentic taste and flavor.

I enjoyed the Paper Boat's Panakam while my mom loved Chilli Guava the most.


Paper Boat serves drinks with traditional ingredients. Completely Indian. It comes in eco-friendly and hygienic packages with tightly screwing lid so you can carry anywhere and anytime even after you open and had your first sip. Their appealing package you see in the stores, is easy to tempt you to try their drinks. And you will not be disappointed.

Last week, I received this cute package. And to my surprise, my favorite Kadalai Mittai is inside. It is handy to carry one or two packets in bag whenever you travel. Well, that's what I do, so I can nibble if I feel hungry at late nights. Paper Boat's Kadalai Mittai is bit crunchy but lot sweeter. And it is Glutten Free.

They have sent me a pink metal box as well. That too stirs my memory. In one such box I used to store my precious little things during my school days. From my broken school badges to pair-less earring or my cute key chains. well, that box used to hold a lot inside, like Akshayapaatra. :P

A walk down the memory lane.
Waking up to the chirps of the sparrows in my garden..
Chasing behind the dragonflies to keep them inside the matchbox for fun..
Collecting silk worms from the school yard and grows in my geometry box..
Playing in the water after the rains and, the tiny colorful paper boats I let to sail in the puddle..

Those carefree days may have gone but my memories remain.

Ever wondered how memories would taste? Well, that's what Paper Boat offers and mostly they give it right. Buy any flavor you want and taste your memories. They have variety of flavors. Aamras, Kokum, Jamun, Neer Mor, Ginger Lemon Tea and more.

Cost - A 250ml packet is Rs.30/- and a 31g Kadalai Mittai packet is Rs.10/-

We have crossed many years since childhood and now they all might look like it happened once upon a time. But whatever we had back then, are still here waiting for us to see and experience. Look around you. Life is still beautiful.

Paper Boat serves us delicious drinks (and now, sweets too) to relish and happy memories to cherish.

Website - Paper Boat Facebook - Paper Boat

PS - This is a sponsored post. However, the opinions are mine.

28 Feb 2017

Life At Sea


On The Beach #4

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20 Feb 2017

The Heart Listens To No One ~ Book Review

The Heart Listens to No One is an E-Book written by Purba Chakraborty. It is a beautiful collection of love poems. It has 35 poems altogether exploring different emotions. Love, Longing, Romance, Fond reminiscence and Separation. It made me feel and dripped in love.

There are different kinds of love stories, but they have one thing in common. It's music. When we fall in love, our heart becomes an orchestra of emotions which churns out a beautiful song, audible only to the hearts of the lover. Our heart hums its own song. Its magical. Its melodious. I am not a poetic person and I am not that romantic either. But some of these poems made me fall in love.

About the author - Purba Chakraborty is one of my blog acquaintances who writes some beautiful poetry and she is well versed in the art of conveying the emotions through her poems. Even though she has written couple of novels earlier and contributed her poems in several anthologies, this is her first poetry book. She blogs at Love, Laugh and Reflect.

The Heart Listens To No One honey soaked me with love and lots of love. A bit too much for me to handle though. This book is comprised of five sections and each consists of 7 poems. Romance, fond memories, unconditional love, longing and partition.

The book title is apt and the cover page is lovable. The writing is good. Each poem tells a story and also brings out varied emotions naturally. The language is simple with good usage of words. The words flow smoothly and they are enriched in meaning.

Be it prose or poetry, I enjoy when it is simple and easy to understand. So whenever I encountered complex/big words, especially in few poems, they break my reading flow. The best poems were those which the author kept it simple and relatable.

I loved A dozen love letters. It was so romantic. Short, simple and powerful.

We looked into each other's eyes,
Uninterrupted, for a few lazy minutes,
As I blinked, I felt as if we have exchanged..
At least a dozen love letters.
Imperceptible Corridor was quite brilliant. The author well expressed the yearning for the lover.

You're stuck between my heart and eyes
Your secret self
Wander in that imperceptible corridor
You can never free yourself
Try as much as you may.
Painting In my heart was very vivid especially since we can picture the love growing in a canvas with interesting and enticing use of words that describes the painting.

The moment I lost my heart to you
My heart became a canvas of your painting,
Never did I know before
A loss can be enticing…

Overall, the complex emotion of love was explored in different ways by the author and successfully touched a chord in my heart.

Heart that listen to No one -  is a treat for poetry lovers. It does hum its own song...

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