12 Aug 2016

It's Tea Time!

Sipping my warm tea and slipping farther into the universe..
That very moment of lifting the cup to my lips..
That touch of warmth in my tongue..
That tingling taste is eternity itself,
Transcending time and space!

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3 Aug 2016

And That’s A Four!

While India is belting the West Indies in the Caribbean, while Kabali is running a dream run at the box office, while Amazon is launching their Prime in India, while discounts and sales are tempting us to shop high time and while my cousin gave birth to a baby girl, I just realized that my toddler blog has become a preschooler by completing 4 years since it’s inception in 2012. Coincidentally, this is my 301st post. :)

Happy Birthday, A Rat's Nibble! May you happily live long and bring me prosper. And together we entertain our readers. :D

For the past few weeks, I am living like a hermit in our blogosphere. Family affairs came forth and so my activities started to slow down in blogging as well as socializing with you all, my dear fellow bloggers. But today keeping other matters aside, I am here to invite you all to share my joy on this special day as my nibbling blog turns 4.

The journey of my blogging seems like it had just begun but it’s already 4 years now. Hah, how quick is the time! It has been an incredible experience with each and every post and I would take this moment to Thank You for all your love, wishes, comments, involvement, criticism and support.

Join me to nibble the cake and sing a Happy Birthday song!

27 Jul 2016

Star Of The Sea


On The Beach #2
More Coming Up...
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19 Jul 2016

Sand Under My Feet

When I walked down the beach and inhaled the fresh salty air,
When I listened to the whispers of the endless sea,
When the wet grainy sand slipped beneath my toes,
There I stood in the shore transfixed,
Waiting for the waves to caress my feet.

Beautiful sunrise and the early morning walk with my friend made my whole day active and fresh. Well, I almost forgot when was the last time I visited the beach in my native. I think, it is more than 2 years and so, I ended up taking million pictures of it. I'll share more pics in the coming weeks. :)

On The Beach #1

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16 Jul 2016

DIY - Bird Feeder With Ice Cream Sticks

My darling budgies need entertainment everyday. They are active and social birds and so I have to make their day as lively as possible with new toys and interesting activities. From paper clips to dried flower basket and rope swing, budgies love to play with them.

Last week, I decided to present my little birds, a bird feeder. While doing it, I realized this will make a wonderful DIY project for kids. It’s quite easy and fun. This simple project will also keep them occupied during their holidays.

And here’s how I did.


Ice Cream Sticks
Sisal Rope
Bird seeds


* Line up 10-12 ice cream sticks neatly. Glue 2 sticks across them and turn it over.
* Do a second row with sticks in opposite direction to strengthen the base.
* Glue sticks on each side alternatively and start making the frame.
* Continue building like a wall on four sides, until it has 6 rows.
* Glue each sticks with a little fevicol and only in the corners.
* Set aside to dry.
* Cut 4 pieces of sisal rope in same length and thread through the bottom row and bring it out. It's ready to
hang now.

Let the kids enjoy doing this and the birds enjoy their food from this lovely little bird feeder. And it costs not more than 20 Rs.

Fill with bird seeds, hang in your garden and treat your little guests. :)

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