20 Feb 2014

Enigma : A Tale Of Mystery - VIII

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Chapter 8

Later that evening

Jennifer was sitting inside the interrogation room rubbing her forehead and going through the post mortem report of Dr. Ravi. She glanced at her watch and then looked at the door. She was waiting for them to arrive.

Suddenly she heard a loud bang on the door. Two cops were dragging someone into the investigation room and made that person to sit on the chair. Ayesha, preoccupied in her thoughts, was viewing them in the monitor from the next room along with Officer Sharma. Jennifer began her interrogation.

‘Welcome Meera. I’ve been waiting for you,’ said Jennifer.

‘Do you realize what you’re doing, Jennifer? You’re surely gonna pay for this.’

‘Shut up. You are accused of first degree murder in double homicide. And I want you to confess your crimes.’

‘This is ridiculous. What are you, a cop or a clown?’

‘Watch your words, Meera.’

‘Oh really?’ she snorted, ‘On what basis did you arrest me?’

‘Ah, now you have come to the point... I guess you know that we have a record of your possession of Methyl Parathion. Don’t you?’

‘So what? I have a legal clearance to use it for my research.’

‘And you have it safely with you, huh?’

‘Yes of course, none other than me and the police department know about it here.’ Meera said it with confidence.

‘Mm.. Hmm.. But how come Dr. Ravi’s dead body had the traces of Methyl Parathion?’ Jennifer leaned back on her chair, ‘Things are getting complex for you, isn’t it?’

‘What?’ She was shocked on hearing that. No way... That’s impossible.

‘It’s not possible for someone to sneak into your lab and steal it. Am I right, Meera? Moreover no one out here possibly knows what Methyl Parathion is and how it works. Only those who have the exact knowledge about it could use it and.... there are only two people in this town who knows about it - Dr. Ravi and you. Dr. Ravi is now dead leaving you as a possible suspect in this case. Fair play, isn’t it?’ 

Meera was confused about all this and she was staring at the wall in silence.

Jennifer continued, ‘And do you think you can flee the town that easily after committing two murders in my jurisdiction, huh?’

‘Ôh no... Please.. Just because you found some traces of chemical on his body, you can’t accuse me.’

Jennifer took out a plastic pouch with a sample chemical sprayer inside, ‘Recognize this?’

Meera did not expect this at all. She could clearly see all the evidence was against her now. Feeling trapped, she was filled with so many thoughts running inside her head.

‘It’s yours, right?’

Meera nodded silently. ‘I don’t know ho-’

‘Your finger prints all over this and I think you forgot to collect this after spraying that toxic chemical on Ravi.’ Jennifer gave a big smile as she caught her attention.

While Meera was sitting there with a fixed gaze, Jennifer was waiting for her to talk.

To be continued...

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  1. Whoa another twist? This case is getting curiouser and curiouser :)

    1. Haha.. It will be the same for the next couple of episodes :D

  2. This is the first time I have read this story of yours.. Your writing style is such that it caught my attention and made me curious
    Keep in touch

  3. Wow Ashwin! The long awaited Chapter 8 is quite interesting indeed!

    1. It's gonna be more interesting from now on...! Keep reading!

  4. Meera's innocent for sure. Now I gotta zero in on Leela.
    Joshua and Leela teamed up and killed Arianna and Ravi. But still.....things are getting more complicated.
    Well written chapter....Keep 'em comin Meera and Ashwin!:)

  5. God!!! Meera... yet another twist!!! come bck soon with the next chapter! am waiting!


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